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03.2021 - interview @ Al-Tiba9

10 Questions with Patrícia Magalhães

Patrícia Magalhães (Luanda, 1966) lives and works in Lisbon. She studied drawing and painting at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon and at ArCo - Art & Visual Communication Centre and Lisbon. She views herself as a multidisciplinary artist. However, her work could be seen mostly as drawing. The contamination with painting, etching, sculpture, and photography in a diversity of mediums and scales that she applies in each work is perceptible. She is represented in some private collections such as Fundação Bienal de Cerveira and Universidade Lisboa, among others.

Cut-outs | DESCRIPTION The “cut-outs” series is about the cycle of life - starting from a set of prehistoric scratches of symbols and representations that evolve mutating in flat monochromatic and overlapping shapes. This metamorphosis mimics the permanent duel between positive and negative, what is full and what is empty. The set of drawings that I chose to show in the interview for Al-Tiba 9 Magazine is a subseries from the “cut-outs” that I called “negatives” (like the empty space left behind when cutting out a shape). It deals specifically with the acceptance of what is different – the challenge in these works was to reuse and refit leftovers of colored sheets instead of considering them dirty by-products to discard, thus embracing what is different and unexpected.