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2022.03 - Bookstore-Gallery Verney (Oeiras)

group exhibition

Borges and the Tigers, 2019

painting / collage, graphite and acrylic on platex 34 x 24 cm

MESCLA II - Verney Art Show

Sometimes, we have good surprises (!) and so I was delighted to be invited to this exhibition, which aims to continue its first edition (in 2021) and the objectives set by the Municipality of Oeiras to bring together different artistic sensibilities into this space.

For this exhibition I chose two paintings:

this one, whose title "Borges e os Tigres" (Borges and the tigers) I took, shamelessly, from a poem by Portuguese poet Eugénio de Andrade, where he evokes - equally shamelessly - the poems "The Tiger" by William Blake and "El otro tigre" by Jorge Luís Borges