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2021.05 - Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu (Poland)

online group exhibition

15.05 - 31.07

Niezaspokojony Głód (Endless Hunger)

We consume food, but also goods, images, content, relationships.

But do we consume only when we try to satisfy a need and consumption is still a means to an end or has it become the ultimate goal?

Consumption, as old as life itself on Earth, is the fuel that makes the Anthropocene machine move: do more, faster, stronger, cheaper, better ... Except that this implies large-scale production and, consequently, waste. In the paradoxical reality of mass consumption, we wanted to pause, stop for a moment, and examine the act of consumption itself.

Can consumption be an act of creation? An opportunity for critical reflection and artistic reflection? We believe so.

This exhibition was created in partnership with the Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie foundation, led by specialists in sustainable consumption.

WMA Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu is a virtual cultural institution that reflects on changes in the environment related to human activity and the relationship between man, nature and technology. The Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene is an ephemeral institution that appears where it is worth stopping by and contemplating the trail of us, humankind. Today, this reflection can be practiced in several ways, interdisciplinary and multilingual, combining freedom of creative expression with the sensitivity and precision of scientific observations.

We are an open collective, composed of anthropologists, artists, designers and people who deal with the subject of the Anthropocene. Honorary Council of the Museum: Edwin Bendyk, prof. Ewa Bińczyk, Krzysztof Garbaczewski, prof. Paulina Kramarz, Cecylia Malik, Tomasz Stawiszyńska.

Anthropocene is, according to several experts, a new geological period, also called “The Age of Humanity" defined by the drastic changes caused by human action that in the last centuries significantly altered the functioning and the natural flows in the planet and caused intense global changes on Earth.


instagram: wirtualne_muzeum_antropocenu

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