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2021.07 - Galeria Sá da Costa, Lisboa

online group exhibition

opening on July 29, from 6 pm to 9 pm / until August 28

Some of the work I've produced over the last few months will be shown at this MArt Resident Artists exhibition that happens simultaneously with the exhibition of its Artistic Residency Grantees.

In both exhibitions, different artistic narratives ​​can be seen, interconnected in the same background of resilience and dedication, celebrating the diversity and the quality of the works presented as well as each artists path, their dedication and demand. It's also moment to celebrate the friendship, the trust and the sharing between all that took part in this journey made with different sensibilities and many hours in the studio.

Both exhibitions also mark the end of the Mart project and its last art show, giving way to yet

another celebration, the beginning of the new school A Base Escola de Arte.

Resident Artists exhibition

Galeria Sá da Costa Arte, Rua Serpa Pinto, nº 19, Chiado

Artistic Residency Grantees Exhibition

Espaço Camões da Livraria Sá da CostaPraça Luís de Camões, nº 22 / 4º esq, Chiado



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