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2021.10 - EMARP, Portimão

solo exhibition


At first, the title of this exhibition takes us to palmistry. It's an intentional association, not with the practice of reading the lines in the palm of our hands, but because, when we think about those lines, our first gesture will be to look at our hand, with the palm facing upwards, concave, as if we were asking ourselves for something.

After all, the LINES that give the title to the exhibition are those made by the HAND that drew them. Traced in black marker on paper, these drawings are interpretations of texts that I have read and moments I have lived

that, somehow, got a life of their own. They

have in common a minimal plastic solution, in an economy of lines, without any colors, seeking for the drawing to keep the essence of thoughts and the sensations lived, without ever overlapping them. There are seventeen drawings to enjoy, taking the time to decipher them and what they read, as if we were looking at the palm of our hands.


drawings by Patrícia Magalhães

exhibition from the 25th October to the 26th November 2021

EMARP building at Rua José António Marques, 17, in Portimão (Portugal)



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