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2021.11 - "Fund-a-Frame" campaign

Indiegogo fund raising

Why am I in Indiegogo?

Strait forward: because I need your help to frame my drawings to an exhibition.

Your contribution will allow me to present my drawings with the dignity the public deserves and also the hanging frames will protect my drawings (sticking them to the wall will damage them).

Lisbon is recovering from the pandemic outbreak and all the lockdowns and, finally, art galleries are hosting public exhibitions again - its really great to have people coming to see our work, even if we still have to wear masks!

In the last 18 months the only possible gigs were online art exhibitions, and I had a few... but no sales. That didn't stop me from working every single day, I kept doing my research and my drawings, building a body of work to be presented in an upcoming solo exhibition, I didn't know when it was due... It turned out to be this one so it's with great pleasure I invite you all!

The exhibition will be held in a small gallery called EC Mercês, owned by the municipality of Lisbon - it's located next to one of the most iconic squares in the city (Principe Real); the opening will be at 5 pm on January 5th and and I’ll be showing 50 drawings and 2 installations, and all the pieces are on the subject of the "passage of time", as seen by some philosophical concepts.

I find this topic fascinating and I'll talk about it and about how somehow it's expressed it in my art in other videos as I do updates on the funding ;)

My goal

The budget I have from the framer for the 50 drawings totals 2,210€ and I've split it in 3 parcels: