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2022.04 - Palácio Galveias Library, Lisbon

solo exhibition

Eight drawings that were born from written words, as illustrations and interpretations of different texts as I read them. Its authors condensed their ideas into words so skillfully that they made me want to draw them.

Traced only with a black marker, in a minimal plastic solution, I tried to keep the essence of the feeling triggered by the words I then read, but without overlapping them.

It is gratifying to have my drawings displayed in this noble venue, surrounded by an immensity of books and readers who pass by daily, to read and enjoy them.

The name of this exhibition (It's the world for me), as well as the drawing I picked to represent it, were chosen as an evocation of the Nobel Prize writer José Saramago, when he referred to special relationship he had with the Palácio Galveias Library:

“[...] Only later did I go looking for the great library, the Galveias, which wouldn't be that big, but for me it was the world...” José Saramago


solo exhibition

Salão Nobre at Palácio Galveias Library

Campo Pequeno, Lisboa

(more information here)

OPENING thursday 21st April at 5:30 pm

from the 21st April to the 20th May 2022

photo credit: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Bibliotecas de Lisboa



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