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2022.07 - Espaço Cultural das Mercês, Lisboa

solo exhibition

"The distinction between past, present and future is just a stubbornly persistent illusion."

The phrase is attributed to Albert Einstein and he was referring, of course, to physical Time, quantifiable and measurable, and not the intangible and philosophical Time, perceived as the field of our experiences.

The fascination for these matters was the guiding thread for the visual interpretations I've worked on for the past months and the result is this selection of works that are now exhibited with the intention, perhaps a little provocative, of touching ones shoulder, even if slightly, asking for a reflection that lasts beyond the visit to the exhibition, that goes out with us and remains in our thoughts...

After all, what does it mean, for each

one of us, that of Time and Memory?

OPENING: JULY 6th from 6 to 8 pm

Espaço Cultural das Mercês - R. Cecílio de Sousa 94, Lisboa (next to the Principe Real garden)



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