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Ruler Hard, 2019-2020


The starting point for these works were the petroglyphs in Alta, Norway, with its beautiful drawings scratched on the rocks with such enormous simplicity and great clarity in the messages they intended to convey at the time. Without artistic concerns, as if it were an ancestral encyclopedia. I intended to replicate this context, drawing themes that interest me using absolutely simple and monochromatic lines, as if they were scratched on stone, drawn on a background, also monochromatic, whose color mimics the tone of the ancient rocks.​

This series also includes a work in which, by contrast, the drawing of monochromatic lines was complemented with color, but the entire composition was then hidden, ending up behind layers of other materials, in a clear analogy to some more current type of communication, full of overlapping stimuli, making it often difficult to read the primary message.​

Included in this series is also a book (which I have not listed here on the website) which documents the research carried out to produce this works and all the studies prior to each drawing.

RH5, 2020

RH5, 2020

acrylic paint, ink pen, oil pastel, glue and tape on 100g/m2 paper with plaster

844 x 1775 mm / 33.23 x 69.88 inches

RH4, 2020
RH1, 2020

RH1, RH3, RH4, 2020

acrylic paint and black permanent ink pen on 100g/m2 paper with plaster

approx. 447 x 900 mm / 17.60 x 35.43 inches each

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