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2021.09 - Oficina da Cultura, Almada

O MURO Art Installation by Carlos Ribeiro, Américo Jones and João Miguel Fonseca

This is the drawing that I created to integrate the exhibition-catalogue of O MURO words that in english would translate as "the wall".

It's my expression of the idea that we are all mortal and could well disappear at any time, which incorporates Sartre's iconic phrase in the book "Le Mur": "quelques heures or quelques années d'attente c'est tout pareil, when on a perdu l' illusion d'être eternel", said by it's character Pablo Ibbieta the night before his execution.

O MURO is an Art Installation that intends to recover the debate around an issue that contemporaneity seems to want to make forget:

the value of the human condition.

O MURO is made up of three elements: a sculptural piece - a brick wall measuring about 2x5 meters - by Carlos Ribeiro, a video-graphic object by Américo Jones and a sound piece created by João Miguel Fonseca.

And then one more, which will last beyond the installation: the exhibition-catalogue that includes contributions from several guests, in the form of texts and images.

The Art Installation will be host at OFICINA DA CULTURA in Almada, from the 3rd to the 25th of September 2021.



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