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2022.09 - Sugarcane London

group exhibition

As part of a research project, Michael Egan has been exploring the impacts of large-scale urban redevelopment on neighberhoods and outlying communities in London, specifically, the impact Nine Elms urbanization has had, and continues to have, on residents. and businesses along Wandsworth Road. The project includes a small exhibition that aims to highlight the aspects and qualities of those communities, as part of a critical reflection on the rapid change taking place in that area of ​​the city.

The exhibition aims to challenge the modern 'glamorisation' of Nine Elms, celebrating the unique character and culture of Wandsworth Road by displaying different artistic proposals, in a creative dialogue that aims to reflect (and make others reflect) on these issues.

All The Things On Wandsworth Road

Sugarcane London, 517 Wandsworth Rd.

Opening: Monday 5th September


This is a universal issue and I believe that any of us, just living in a city of some size, easily witnesses the daily changes that occur while modernizing and adapting our cities, so that they are better able to cope with the challenges of modern the times... unfortunately, often destroying the old 'ways of life' in the process.

I have never been to Wandsworth Road or Nine Elms but I watch daily, walking through the center of Lisbon, an identical phenomenon to what happens in London. Whenever I look around at the horizon, I always see more than one crane (as probably also happens in that part of London), with those huge metal arms, outstretched, rising new, modern and glazed buildings, swallowing up the traces of History and of the stories of those who lived and worked there before, massifying urbanizations as also residents and commerce profiles.